Creating Inclusive Classrooms and Schools: Unconscious Bias Training for Educators

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February 10, 2021 by ImpactEDI™

Everyone has unconscious bias. When educators are aware of how their personal biases show up and the impact they have on student achievement and student outcomes, they’re able to successfully mitigate bias, build inclusion, and create safe spaces of belonging. ImpactEDI™ is extremely enthusiastic to announce our in-depth training course and capstone project that helps educators develop a sense of agency around advancing equity for every student.

Reasons For Taking This Course

Our Unconscious Bias in Schools training course introduces educators to key insights about how our brains operate to form implicit bias. This course deep dives into implicit/unconscious bias in order to help educators understand the origins of specific common implicit associations so that they will be able to uncover their own biases, and learn strategies for addressing and mitigating them, in order to create more inclusive, more equitable schools and classrooms.

How Long Is The Course

Our course is a 10 hour course that is delivered in 5 – 2 hour sessions, or can be delivered during 2 in service days. Because this training course is offered as a cohort model with a capstone project to be completed at the end of the course, we let the cohort decide which option they’d prefer. We also work with you to schedule the course during out school days. Start dates are TBD and are established in agreement between your school leader and our D&I Facilitator.

Will I receive ACT 48 Continuing Education Credits

ImpactEDI™ is ACT 48 Approved. Educators can meet continuing education requirements online, via our live synchronous instructor led courses.

Brief Course Outline

This course is broken down into 5 Modules that culminates in a capstone project.

Module I – Exploring Types of Unconscious Bias in Schools – What does the data show.

Module II – Unconscious Bias in Schools and Its Influence on Classroom Climate and Culture.

Module III – Understanding You Own Biases – How and Why They Shop

Module IV – Mitigating Our Biases

Module V – Real Solutions

Capstone Project – Educators will work on a project that decreases or eliminates bias in a current school practice, policy, or process.

Key Course Features

Our course and the activities, projects, and assessments included in the course are aligned with the following:

  • Adult Learning Theory/Andragogy
  • Danielson Framework for Teaching
  • PA Academic Standards
  • PA Core Standards
  • Data Informed
  • Multiple measures of student achievement within the context of educator effectiveness and/or school performance

Contact us today for more information or to schedule a start date for your intra-school cohort. Ask about our discounted rates.

ImpactEDI™ is a social benefit organization committed to the work of shifting societal norms through education, unification, and dialogue about race, gender, cultural competency, bias, inclusion, and equity. Our dynamic trainings, workshops, and guided dialogue influence mindset shifts and produce meaningful and measurable change . We work with individuals, teams, organizations, associations, boards, and community members to gain fluency and greater capacity when navigating conversations regarding systemic prejudice, discrimination, and ‘otherization’ connected to dominant culture and systemic oppression. In addition to various customized trainings and workshops, leadership coaching, and data analytics, ImpactEDI™ is now offering ACT 48 Educator Courses.

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