Resilience Training – Family Fortitude


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“Family Fortitude,” is the second in a series of three trainings on resilience.  In the context of crisis, and specifically the current COVID-19 crisis, The ImpactEDI™ Resilience Series explores how we can build resilience in ourselves as parents, in our children, in our families, and in our communities through ally ship. Each session is currently held virtually, with a live facilitator, is engaging, and includes a Tool Kit of resources for families, for the way through and forward.

Family Fortitude: Courage and Strength in the Midst of Adversity is offered to groups of parents, or individuals who support parents.  It is currently offered in the workplace as part of ‘Work/Life Balance’; for members of community group, parent associations, religious groups, homeowner/condo associations, , school communities, sport teams, leagues, and professional associations.  It covers the following:

What is Fortitude? What does fortitude look like through the Ubuntu Lens.

Mindfulness in Times of Trauma: Moving from VUCA to VUCA

The 7Cs of Resilience: Managing Emotions With Family Through Difficult Times

Mental Health Implications: Trauma Responses, ‘Catastrophizing,’ and The Value in Vulnerability

The “Village” Perspective: Storytelling and Other Strategies for The Way Forward

Resources for Families Tool Kit

1.5 hours

Suggested – No more than 15-20 participants per session


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Hours Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm
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