Equity through Diversity & Inclusion.

Never has there been a more pertinent time in our global climate to understand and incorporate these practices into our organizations and workplace. More frequently, we are hearing organizations tout diversity as a key strength. Yet, as organizations become more diverse, many leaders aren’t really sure about how to move dialogue, intentions, and percentages, to the sort of action that shifts organizational culture and fosters a climate of inclusion that makes a true impact. For many organizations the desire and goal of diversity isn’t translating into the reality of an environment or organizational climate that empowers people of different backgrounds to thrive or to be fully engaged in ways that encourage mission- advancing perspectives and experiences to be heard and had.  To further delay the meaningful work involved in ensuring that organizations succeed in their efforts to strengthen diversity, equity, and inclusion focus areas is a detriment to our organizations and our constituents.Everyone's Included handsImpactEDI™  provides training and development services, diversity and engagement data analytics, and tools, along with measurable goals that help leaders and their teams make the necessary changes for growing and leveraging a diverse, inclusive, and engaged workforce/student body  to achieve lasting growth.  We work in partnership with organizations where diversity, equity, and inclusion are not merely recognized and treated as HR principles, but are embraced as key organizational imperatives with altruistic benefits and rewards that help to propel us toward organizational and personal excellence.



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